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Apparently there is a statue of several famous American women in the
basement of the Capital.  It was presented 75 years ago when the 20th
Amendment was passed, and stuck in the basement while numerous statues of
famous men were placed upstairs. There have been several resolutions to
move it, and Newt is blocking the most recent one.  There are two stories
about why.  1. Newt doesn't want to be associated with radical/liberal
women (not clear if this means Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and
Elizabeth Cady Stanton or the groups wanting it moved).  2.  It's too
heavy to move.

Here are various addresses to find out more about that and to get Newt's
e-mail address if you'd like to tell him your thoughts on this or any
other issue.

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Subject: 'net news about Newt

After reading today's postings about Newt's historical gynephobia, I
thought I'd see what current news about U.S. politics, and Newt and
the recent incident in particular, was available on the internet.

I checked briefly, and  could not find any related mentions of the
Anniversary of Women's Suffrage Task Force, Newt's role as roadblock, etc.
Maybe give it a couple days. Thank you to the member of the ALA Feminism
Task Force who cross-posted!

Keep in mind mine was only a quick check, and I concentrated on WWW
sites due to personal preference and my access to Netscape. My apologies
to anyone who could care less about Newt or U.S. politics. :-)


Newt's own Congressional web page is
It's mostly text, but has his email address. Let him know what you
think (knowing him, he probably never reads his net mail himself, after the
last huge 'net petition he got).

NEWTWATCH is at http://www.langsys.com/newtwatch/
It hasn't been updated lately, it seems. (links to pro- and con-Newt
sites are to be had at http://www.langsys.com/newtwatch/outlinks.html)

Pointers to recent political news, some updated daily:
The wide-ranging resources here include AP Wire, headlines from Econet &
Peacenet, NPR's All Things Considered, C-SPAN's schedule. This site offers
many links to pages with news from  television, radio, newspaper, and
 periodicals sources, as well as other private and federal news sources.

If you get frustrated by the lack of coverage of this issue, even on
the internet, there IS a bright spot of inspiration: check out the School
House Rock page!  The piece, "Sufferin' 'til Suffrage," is at
http://hera.life.uiuc.edu/FunStuff/Lyrics/Rock/Suffrage (there's also
a .wav file available at that site, for those of you who have an  ear
to the 'net).

For those of you who don't know, School House Rock was a series of
animated films shown on the ABC television network during
Saturday morning kids' programs in the late 70's/early 80s (maybe
later? I don't remember). The simple shorts have catchy soundtracks
and explain  historical and other topics to young audiences in a
fun way.


    Politicians are the source of all disillusionment     -Shirley Abbott

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