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> One of the key traits of a bubble is that the rate of growth of
> the bubble attracts more funds into it--until people start to
> get nervous.

	Would you think that the present(?) mania for mutual funds is
nearing the nervousness point? (I've heard cautioning, but these fools
don't seem to've learned a damned thing since the `87 crash, and there've
been a lot of hucksters out there, hanging around on street corners,
pushing (pimping for brokerages?) mutual funds onto naive but ambitious
working people...

> That jeapardises the positions of levered speculators, because
> much of their leverage is tied, not just to the rate of growth
> of the bubble, but to the rate of change of its rate of growth.

	I'm sure we all know how smart the speculators think they are...


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