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>  The memories of Tian'anmen square will
>remain in my mind forever and I can't ignore the repression underway in
>Tibet.  (FREE TIBET!)
>I would like to hear from others who are more aware of the party
>situation in China on this topic.  Very appropriate though.

I cried and praid too when I was into the square on 1992 but I think the
about comunist experience in China cannot be superficial and quick.
Living there for a mounth I have understood that it is impossible value
China with
western judgment meter.
Surely history of comunist China is fool of tragedies but it come out from a
terrible century which had western colonialism ,fall of empire, invasion of
Japaneas, civil war
and the need to build a socialist society for giving food and peace to a
billion of persons;big tragedies are part of history of this immense country
since thounsands years.
I don't understand what means to be a purist; the problem is if we think
China again on the way of socialism or not; I have understood that China
want became the first economical power and defende itself but I dont't know
if China wants it for itself or for comunism but it is sure that this
development has saved it by same disaster lived by ex URSS and ex Jugoslavia
and allow to have respect and fear of capitalist countries
which don't understand why comunism doesn't fall in China like in URSS and
like thay
would desire.Castro has declared that the way for Cuba for saving its
socialism is the same of China and Vietnam, and this is for me an important
judgment. I don't love the chinese nuclear experiments , repression of
students and many things
I saw there but I think that like our superficial ideological frenzy let us
mistake about cultural revolution so our "purist" view must not let us
mistake again.
THe way for socialism isn't a sunny walk but a hard ascent full of dangers
and human mistakes. No country has already built socialism and nobody knows
what it is better to do for building it, but if we prefer USA than China,
Kennedy than Mao it is better close the list and talk about other more funny
About Tibet I want remember it was a teocratic reign and not the most free
country in the world when comunists occupied it and Dalai Lama lives happy
flattered by western capitalists and holliwoodian stars while tibetan people
isn't more slave of a medieval power.
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