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Fri Aug 18 17:27:44 MDT 1995

Taking you up on your
deeper understanding of Lenin's Imperealism
Louis, what does it tell you about
where the world economy is headed
at the moment?

Will Brown

Louis Proyect wrote:
<You're getting to the very heart of one of the basic problems of groups
that rely on too crude an understanding of Lenin's "Imperialism".
Capitalism for them is always in the eleventh hour. The problems with this
type of approach are:

1) it doesn't anticipate events like the May-June 1968 workers and student
revolt in France, which took place at a time of full-employment and relative

2) it doesn't give you an orientation of what to do politically when the
working-class is not on the march, such as has been the case for the last
half-century in the United States. Student, women's, gay, black movements
are seen as "detours" rather than the living class-struggle.

3) it burns out your membership since the party bosses are always looking
for the industry where the "crisis" is deepest and moves people about
like pieces on a chess-board. Most people, unless they are recently out of
college, don't like the idea of moving to a new city every couple of
years. Furthermore, it prevents you from sinking roots in a factory and
community and becoming part of the living reality of working-class
politics. You become an interloper at best. At worst, something like a

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