Marx slandered in press

Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Fri Aug 18 12:14:20 MDT 1995

There is plenty in the news to make one's blood boil, but there
was a book review in today's WASHINGTON CITY PAPER that made me
blow my top.  The asshole in question, a David Futrelle, reviewed
a new book, A REQUIEM FOR KARL MARX by Frank E. Manuel.  I believe
this is the same Manuel known for his books on utopianism and
Isaac Newton.  Anyway, its seems that Futrelle, and Manuel to a
lesser extent, is intent on fighting the Cold War from beyond its
grave.  The usual slurs against Marx were summoned up, above all
his alleged anti-Semitism -- which ought to please some of you on
the list -- to make Marx look like a schmuck living in a

I'm contemplating writing a rebuttal to this review and sending it
to the paper, but I've got to figure out the most succinct way of
putting the case, assuming it's even worth the trouble.

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