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Execuse for the error in the last communication and for my english (I hope
all may understand)
I'didn't read the Wald's articles (what's the "Against the Current?") and I
don't any information about trotskysm in USA but I think in Europe there are
good opportunities for the develop of this current.
Of course in 60 years from the birth, the trotskysm doesn't became a serious
alternative to socialdemocratic and CP but not only for the errors of the
organisations that claim to IV International.
Second world war finished with a very difficoult situation for the
revolutionary. Stalin become stronger and the revolutionary organisation was
very tiny. But in Italy,in Greece and in other states of Europe there was
usprings or tendencies to wide mobilitation of the working class.
After the second world war and Bretton Woods  the world capitalism have more
than 20 years of extreordinary develop all over the world . Leaders as
Cannon didn't understand the change of the situation and for many years hope
in a revolutionary develop of the situation. There were many "subject
errors" (the first the pablism ) but the productive forces develop very
quicky and the possibilities for the trotskysm as well as far left
organisation was litte. The decolonisation produced revolutionary usprings
but the leadership were ducated to nationalism in country without working
Only after the 1968 when the youth begin to radicalisation and the crisi of
the first '70 produced a new generation of workers the trotskysm went out of
Many organisation quickly develop as well as WRP or MAS (Argentina) but
quickly exploded. Others have some problems (the Militant for example or LCR
in France).
The SWP (US) leave the USFI.
The italian section of the USFI ("bandiera rossa"), but the same way I Think
other organisations, fall in a deep crisis after '89 in eastern Europe, they
are pessimistic about international situation, and come back in CP
(Rifondazione Comunista in Italy).
But others parties knewn a sort of "spring season". The boom of Laguiller in
spring election in France with 1.700.000 votes is important because:
1. the control of PCF and PS of the working class fall during last years
2. the serious work inside the class of Lutte Ouvriere give some chance
3. the transitional slogans can work also in a western capitalistic country
In GB a friend said me that the SWP in the last two or three years his Party
grew very quickly.
Without any illusion there are some possibilities now to develop wide, no
sectarian revolutionary organisations in Europe. Of couse the antistalist
tradition doesn't resolve all questions and in the books of the "classics"
there aren't all the solutions. If you look to ex Yugoslavia or the
composition of the working class (only two little example) you understand
that NEED A BIG WORK IN THEORY GROUND. The debate about the nature of
eastern europe country or China change because is to join with debate about
WHAT IS THE SOCIALISM WHAT NEED (in english speak world many  marxists know
Gramsci but few  know the theoric work of Bordiga after second world war for
example). Need to study the work of no marxist as Wallerstein, Braudel,
Chandler jr. or come back to Marx studies. But, the most important thing, we
must understand to the new international and working class situation with a
positive look.

 who knows bibliography, editions, bookshops or only informations about
trotskist movement send me please! I want work about hystory trotskysm after
the death of "old man".
How can find the book Tim Wohlforth "The prophet's Children"?

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