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Fri Aug 18 13:58:26 MDT 1995


On Fri, 18 Aug 1995 LeoCasey at wrote:

> Jeff B. writes:
> >Leo, I saw you only wrote three lines!
> Yeah, three lines were excessive, given the intellectual quality of  the
> posting to which I was responding.
	I do often dream at night of being an intellectual.  Are you one, Leo?

> >I only hope that you and others like you fail in your attempts to steer
> >working people away from Marxism: our best tool to overthrow capitalism.
> Yep, you found me out. This is my goal in life: to mislead the overwhelming
> torrent of masses hungering for a taste of 'permanent revolution' off into
> the famine of social democracy. Marxism leads to the truth every time.
	Whether it's your goal in life or not, it's what you do.
	The people I talk to and organize ARE hungering for some sort of
ideas to explain the fucked-up world around them.  Sometimes I do talk
about the essence of Trotsky's Permanent Revolution to explain situations
where working people were on the verge of taking power but were held back
by their own leaders who confined the movement to bourgeois democracy and
	A marxist method of analysis will lead to the truth a lot
more than your bourgeois logic and reformism.
	Now excuse me while I wipe your post off the bottom of my shoe.

					-- Jeff Booth	

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