Provocative posts

Chris Burford cburford at
Sat Aug 19 07:20:45 MDT 1995

As a person who has some time for Leo, I was disappointed to
find the post below provocative and little more.

Interesting only in the slight nuance that it specifically attracts
retaliation to Leo as a person.

Leo, are you some sort of narcissistic masochist, enjoying the attention
and the buzz of whether you can survive the counterattacks?

My problem is how am I to have concurrent exchanges of a reasonably
rational level with Jeff on the very hot issue of Yugoslavia when he has
just been inspired by you to repartee about wiping this post off the
bottom of his shoe?

OK your problem is not my problem, but I would appreciate if
you could think about the interests of other list users, perhaps before
you take Louis's prescription of a pint of gin.

Chris B.

From: LeoCasey at
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 15:26:34 -0400
Subject: Re: marxism-digest V1 #358

Jeff B. writes:

>Leo, I saw you only wrote three lines!

Yeah, three lines were excessive, given the intellectual quality of  the
posting to which I was responding.

>I only hope that you and others like you fail in your attempts to steer
>working people away from Marxism: our best tool to overthrow capitalism.

Yep, you found me out. This is my goal in life: to mislead the overwhelming
torrent of masses hungering for a taste of 'permanent revolution' off into
the famine of social democracy. Marxism leads to the truth every time.

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