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Sat Aug 19 03:49:07 MDT 1995

On Fri, 18 Aug 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> Capital can exist either as money, as
> means of production, or as labour power.
> To the extent that gold money has now
> been replaced by credit, it is disputable
> to what extent even dollars are capital,
> since a precondition for something to be
> capital is that it must have value.

	Which for me begs a question:  how much of an effect did Nixon's
taking the Dollar off the Gold Standard have on today's present
monstrosity of the coupon clippers' tail wagging the Industrialists' dog??
Seems to me QUITE a lot...

> A share certificate certainly is not capital,
> and to treat it as such is double accounting.
> If it were capital, then new capital is created
> out of nothing whenever a holding company is
> created.

	Well put and worth remembering...

>  Rather than trying to ressurect the power of the nation state by
>  finding divisions between sections of capital,  (an difficult project
>  since the working class does not control economic relations
>  in capitalism), we should be seeking to build international
>  links amongst the working class. I believe that the
>  structure of the world economy now gives such links a potential
>  material basis for the first time.
> He is in practice advocating the sort of ultimately impotent
> economism, that led to the defeat of the last great working class
> upsurge. Those that do not learn from history repeat its mistakes.

	I don't see how this necessarily follows from the above (did I
miss something?).  It's quite clear that the workers need to organize
internationally.  What do _you_ mean here?


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