Morality Again -Reply

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Sat Aug 19 06:12:01 MDT 1995

As (one of?) the resident pontificating moralist, now that I'm back to the
list I hope to contribute to the metaethical discussion soon. I think
morality, in particular revolutionary morality, is absolutely essential to
the Marxist project.

For now: I think a sharper distinction between mores and morality might
help. The former are the rules of conduct every society develops to guide
members' behavior. The latter is the set of (true) principles that determine
what people have reason to do, and so that provide the criterion of
correctness for mores.

Discovering causal (maybe evolutionary) explanations of systems of mores
won't tell you anything about morality. Not to imply that anyone thought
it would.

More later.

John D. Walker
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