UN - tool of imperialism? Flea and Elephant again.

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sat Aug 19 08:08:20 MDT 1995

At 5:46 PM 8/18/95, Carrol Cox wrote:

>    I have been deleting all postings on Yugoslavia without reading, but once
>in a while I can't help peeking, and even more rarely I can't resist replying.
>And my basic position remains the same: to assume that "we marxists" or us
>social democrats, anarchists, and marxists combined can make any difference
>whatsoever in Yugoslavia simply flies in the face of empirical reality. It is
>to engage in pointless daydreaming.

This attitudes seems to infect lots of thinking not only on Yugo but
everything else political. So what do "we" do instead? Stand aside and
masturbate gloomily? Write long convuluted postings on What Can't Be Done,
a sublimated form of gloomy wanking? Pray to the spirits of Michael
Harrington & Irving Howe that Bill Clinton finally discover his inner
liberal and begin doing the right thing?



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