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Mon Aug 21 06:16:33 MDT 1995

Hey everybody,

Back from two weeks camping, hiking, biking and thinking in beautiful Maine.
Had the list unsubed because I didn't want the flood when I returned. Did
anything happen here while I was gone? <deadpan> Any nasty attacks on me or
my party that I have to respond to? <grin>

Had a great time driving through Canada and much of the eastern US. Met a
lot of nice people and got a lot of great comments and discussions from my
'Mute Newt' and 'Cut military spending - rebuild America' bumper stickers.
May have also gotten a couple of new subscribers for this list.

Two observations based on these random discussions: 1 - (Because we also
sport union bumper stickers we meet quite a few trade unionists) All are
excited about the merger of the steel, auto and machinists unions in the US.
All see it as a revitalization, not as a response to weakness. Canadians
also saw the development as positive for them in re: fighting NAFTA type
stuff - several commented that from their vantage these unions were the most
effective and active in moving US labor v. NAFTA. 2 - None (honest none)
supported intervention in Bosnia. Vietnam vets in particular were absolute,
"my kids will never fight in Bosnia." All expressed in one way or another
mistrust for US aims there and all felt that there has to be a role for the
peace movement (not the UN) in stopping the killing.

My three daughters, 16, 14, and 10, got in a heated discussion with a
rightwing republican admirer of Dole. They ended up telling him that the
republican party has no future and will die with capitalism. They did a good
job of saying why socialism is the future. I never said a word, it was great.


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