Students face charges

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Mon Aug 21 10:10:15 MDT 1995

On 21 Aug 1995, Jim Jaszewski wrote:
>On Mon, 21 Aug 1995 om at wrote:
>>  What I do *not* have a problem with are laws against stealing (and
>> supporting stealing). It is a *fact* that Anarchy is a Bad Thing. Learn=20
>> love it. The earth can support around ten million hunters and collectors=
>> think you will agree that that is what any Anarchy would consist of. So,=
>> people out of 570 would simply have to be naturally de-selected. It is
>> unattractive, to say the least.
>> >Please send messages of support...
>> I don't think so.
>You miss the point.  However stupid the protagonists, this is an
>issue of Free Speech.
 "Free speech"? Oh, sorry! I'm Swedish. I take that for granted. But=20
seriously: There is a difference between saying "I think it is right to=20
steal", which I don't mind one bit, and saying "Here's how you do it", whic=
I *do* mind very much, thank you.

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