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Mon Aug 21 16:45:24 MDT 1995

Steve Keen [P84}]wrote:
[snip] The bottom line is that such predictability is impossible if,
as I believe it is, stock market speculation is (part of) a chaotic

Speaking of chaos,  I have finally finished reading _Chaos: making a
new science_ by James Gleick, 1987.  I read a couple other things on
"chaos" first, and I have more planned, but at this point I do highly
recommend Gleick, I enjoyed it very much.  Intensely pleasuring
mental stimulation, visions of fractal forms and hidden order, had to
take breaks from reading just to catch my breath and try to digest.

Gleick traces the development of "chaos theory" from several
different fields and individuals, each producing threads which later
combine.  It's a bit of an anecdotal adventure, as each one finds
another's work, through conferences, rumors, accidents,
conversations.  If only they had e-mail at the time...

3 or 4 post-ers here have used "complexity" or "chaos" talk from time
to time, I know it's not all entirely new.  [Well, actually 25 years
or less is pretty short time for cutting edge ideas to reach a
non-specialist audience.]  I recognize some of the concepts and
methods from evolutionary biology, but this is my first vision of the
depths of insight, connections between "disciplines" and a unified
approach to problems previously thought disparate, that all meet
under the rubric of "chaos theory".

More accurately called "modelling methods for nonlinear dynamical
systems", or "the math of movement, change and inter-relation", chaos
theory as presented by Gleick made me think again of recent
list-threads on the nature of reality, physics, determinism, methods
and nature of science, model/represent/reproduction of reality, etc.

Lisa Rogers

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