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>The La Trobe University student newspaper, Rabelais, recently published a
>'guide to shoplifting' article which included 'how-to' tips and a
>discussion of the politics of stealing. It is now likely that the editors
>will be facing criminal charges on the ground that they promoted illegal
>activity. These charges carry possible jail sentences of two years.

This fact remember me italian 70th years and proletarian expropiations of
autonomist groups. It was surely childish because carrying on by students as
a dangerous play
without a political strategy and not a need for surviving.We talked about
"to buy
running" and it was very goliardic.  Different is the life, in Naples, of
underproletarian children who live and let their family live stealing:I has
worked voluntaree in youth prison
to help their to understand social and political causes of poverty and the
means to
struggle which aren't surely individual act of robberies because marxism
learn us the primate of work and dignity of work against capital and its
burglarious soul and how to reach the satisfaction od own needs across
class' struggle and not individual anarchical acts;
 a great experience was in Naples "organized unemployeds" in which many
underproletarians were politically organized to obtain a dignitous work and
subtracting  to risk of prison by theft or worst to enter into criminal
organizations of the camorra.
For capitalism system is better someone steals than struggles.

>Presumably student papers which run supportive articles on 'illegal'
>homosexual acts, drug use or other activities are also liable to the same

This is a different question because it is about freedom in human beavhiours.

>Please send messages of support (mail to me and I'll forward).

For your writing they appear very stupid but I need read the article to
better understand ; evidently authority want use it for beating an
antagonist voice.
Never give tools to enemy.


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