Students face charges

Marcus Strom MSTROM at
Tue Aug 22 09:56:36 MDT 1995

> Date:          Mon, 21 Aug 1995   16:30:16  +0100
> From:          om at

> Adam,
>  I am sorry for being abusive. As always, whenever I detect (what I
> sometimes wrongfully believe to be) promotion of Anarchy, I got carried
> away.
. Anyway, I
> honestly hope the editors will be let away with a warning...
> Best regards,
> Otto Medin

AH I hadn't seen this message when I wrote my 'flame'.  Well, just
like a grovelling liberal, the apology comes. Mine won't. Under your
'sincere' apoloogy lurk the SAME politics. Property fetishism. As
anyone who knows me, I'm hardly an advocate of anarchism (I don't
apologise for Kronstadt or Mankho either).

Get a life Otto. I for one won't bother reading your liberal
contributions to this list. Try http//:www/ liberal.wanker.

One thing in your favour. Your liberal bullshit is plain to see,
unlike many postings on this list. You have  to work through some
cleverly disguised liberalism - full of academic 'marxian'

Have a good life

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