From KKKanada to Krotia

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Tue Aug 22 07:52:56 MDT 1995

>From KKKanada to Kroatia


> Gojko Susak the Croatian Defence Minister and architect of the military
> success is  described as a fierce anti-communist and former Canadian
> pizza merchant.

	I'd sure like to know the name of that chain(?) -- so's I'd
boycott it forever (I don't care if he's not involved with it any more.
Probably a like-minded jerk bought it...)

	Plenty of east-european fascists in KKKanada.

Chris B:

Well Jim, perhaps there is a germ of a good idea around there.

London Guardian 17th August:

"Croatia's leading hawk, the defence minister, Gojko Susak is fond of
regaling western visitors with tales of how his new model army was built.

"Back in 1991, as Serb rebels and the Yugoslav army were seeking to crush
Croatian independence, the story goes, Zagreb was flooded with letters
from 300,000 males in the far flung Croatian diaspora pledging their
swift return to fight for the homeland.

'It's OK, not yet,' Mr Susak's minions are said to have responded.
'Wait for our call. But what you can do is send us DM 100 a month."

"That makes at least #164 million a year being poured into military

Today, Aug 21st the London Guardian carries the following article

"Victorious Croatia closes doors to ethnic minorities: Liberal fear
triumph of new militarism poses a threat to democracy"

"Flushed with its victory over its Serb minority, Croatia is basking
in martial glory.

"The pro-government press is dropping heavy hints that elections could be
called before the end of the year. The ruling Croatian Democratic Union
(HDZ) controls wll over half parliament's 138 seats, and that majority is
expected to be considerably strengthened in the euphoria of victory."

Now Gojko will have particularly strong links in Canada. We can assume
that Croats in Canada have contributed literally hundreds of thousands
of dollars to Gojko's army. They will now be contributing comparable
amounts in jubilation ready for a crushing win over all opposition by
the Croatian Democratic Union. The more Susak's supporters can
contribute to that win the greater the supremacy of his politics within
the party. He will probably visit Canada in triumph for a fund-
raising do.

So Jim, how about it? You like swimming against the tide. You could do
thousands of dollars  of material damage to the consolidation of right
wing politics and repression in Croatia.

It could be risky. If done really effectively, it could even
put your life in danger.

But it could help provide enough space for democrats in Croatia to
regroup, and build mutually supportive links with democrats within the
other lands of the former Yugoslavia.

At any rate, with your internet skills, how about a little field research?

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