Students face charges

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Tue Aug 22 08:33:14 MDT 1995

On 22 Aug 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

>The Scottish revolutionary John Maclean in his
>lectures to workers on Marxism used to teach that
>a starving man passing a shop with bread in it
>had the right to steal.

 I know I would steal, too, if starving. I would, however, have a go at
begging first. I would also face the consequences if caught.
 What I do now, while temporarily fed, is help making this whole issue
irrelevant by trying to find a world order in which nobody has to starve.
Sadly, I have my doubts even about the theoretical possibility for this.
Wise men say... Oops, sorry... Wise *persons* say a population will tend to
expand to the limits of its available recources, or something to that
effect. I (presently) find that hard to disagree with.

Otto Medin

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