Raymond Bonner on Bosnia

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 22 11:08:16 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:

Mholjsko, Croatia, Aug. 21

"In six years, Robert Karajic, 24, has served in four armies.

He was drafted into the Yugoslavia Army. When Yugoslavia splintered, he
found himself effectively in an army of Serbs. Mr. Karajic wanted to do
nothing with that, so he joined the fight for the independence of his
homeland, Bosnia.

But in his eyes, the Bosnian Government proved to be too fundamentalist
for his view of Islam, so he defected, as did many of his friends, to
join the fight force of a Bosnian Muslim splinter group led by Fikret
Abdic, who was well known and influential in the area of Velika Kladusa
in the Bihac region.

First Mr. Abdic was a Communist, then a successful capitalist who
inspired loyalty in part because of his ability to provide employment in
his businesses and in part because of his stand for a secular state.

Earlier this month, the Abdic forces were routed when Croatian forces
helped the Bosnian Army V Corps to break the siege of the Bihac region.
Mr. Karajic and 25,000 other Muslims were forced from the land of their

(From "Bosnian Splinter Group is Exiled and Unwanted", in 8/22/95 NY
Times, by Raymond Bonner. Raymond Bonner used to be the Times
correspondent in El Salvador but was removed from the position by editor AM
Rosenthal who was told by the State Department that Bonner was a guerilla
supporter. Bonner is a highly-qualified, impartial print
journalist and that is all. I urge people who have access to the NY Times
to follow his coverage. It will teach us all something.)

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