Students face charges

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Tue Aug 22 09:46:04 MDT 1995

On Tue, 22 Aug 1995 om at wrote:

>  Please, rather than referring to obscure American TV shows(?), tell me
> what, exactly, it is that you do not agree with. It all seems quite innocent
> to me. :-) Except the begging line, which is questionable...
>  You *are* a funny guy. I've realized that. The above joke, though, seems
> rather uninspired.

Okay, Otto, let's try this without the humor or any grinning faces. This
list is not moderated, so you can post to your heart's content. By the
same token, I tend to get annoyed with people who post frequently who
seem to be knuckleheads like yourself. It's a big waste of my time to
delete frivolous messages from my in-coming mail. I haven't put you in my
list of "bad news" senders yet, but you're approaching that point
rapidly. You don't to have a Marxist point of view; neither do you have a
cogent anti-Marxist point of view which some of us might enjoy dealing
with, sort of the way the cats are thrown into a pen of Pit Bulls who are in
training. All you seem to be is a political light-weight who likes to see
the name Otto Medin in cyberprint. Why don't you save up your fluff for
once a week and post every monday morning or friday afternoon, or
something like that.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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