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Tue Aug 22 14:04:09 MDT 1995

On Tue, 22 Aug 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> Jim:
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> > But it could help provide enough space for democrats in Croatia to
> > regroup, and build mutually supportive links with democrats within the
> > other lands of the former Yugoslavia.
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> > At any rate, with your internet skills, how about a little field research?
> 	You seem to have something in mind.  I don't.  Care to share it?
> Chris B
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> Of course it depends on time, ease and estimate of yield for effort.
> But the Croatian members of the Balkan peace groups will now be under
> very heavy pressure. Some e-mail enquiries of a generally sympathetic
> nature, which don't compromise them, might elicit Croat peace supporters
> in Canada. They may give tips on Croat nationalist fundraising events
> in Canada. Alernatively there may be other routes for tracking down these
> links.
> Emigre communities that have done fairly well surely will use e-mail.
> The occasional picketing eg of a visit by Gojko Susak, might help
> take the shine off the positive publicity, and a nought or two off the
> size of the cheques. Isn't there a Croat language society or newsheet in
> Canada?
> Do you not know one person who knows one progressive Croat? Afterall
> wasn't Tito a Croat? Really it is necessary to assume that whatever the
> present adverse events, the great majority of Croats and other former
> Yugoslavs, knew the benefits of a peaceful, reasonably just, state
> order. Even ones who hate Greater Serb atrocities, might be responsive
> to questions about which way Croatia is now going.
> I am not suggesting you do all this by yourself Jim, but you asked for
> ideas. I was partly trying to respond for its own sake, and also trying to
> illustrate, that if we pursue the subject we can identify a broadly
> coherent collection of policies that would be better from a marxist
> point of view for the former Yugoslavia. We neither have to tail behind
> our own bourgoisie nor do nothing at all.

	Exactly!  So why waste time trying to stretch the U.N. into
something it will never be?
	Weaken imperialism at home, give solidarity to progressive and
socialist forces in the FY and organize directly in the FY.
	No need to support imperialist intervention or take a despairing
attitude.  There's a lot marxists can do.

				-- Jeff Booth

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