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> On stealing....
> doesn't it depend who your stealing from?
> Most workplaces the workers pilfer from
> their employers if they can get away with it
> and the share the view that this is ok
> (this is in my limited experience....I've
> always seen it as a collective consciousness
> of exploitation). The same (hypthetical)
> workers would see it entirely unacceptable
> (and probably deserving of a good kicking)
> if  someone was to steal from the hard
> up working class pensioner down the road.

	I think it sure DOES matter _who_ does _what_ to _whom_...

	It's my opinion that pilfering occurs in inverse ratio to how well
a company treats (read: remunerates, mostly) its employees.  Ditto for the
relationship between the State and its citizens...

	Stealing `time' from the company qualifies too...

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