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On Tue, 22 Aug 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> The occasional picketing eg of a visit by Gojko Susak, might help
> take the shine off the positive publicity, and a nought or two off the
> size of the cheques. Isn't there a Croat language society or newsheet in
> Canada?

	Sure is.  A number of them, I believe.  Where I live has about the
most Croats in all of North America.  Perhaps only Australia would have
more (the war has had subsidiary effects here, like broken windows, fights

> Do you not know one person who knows one progressive Croat? Afterall
> wasn't Tito a Croat? Really it is necessary to assume that whatever the
> present adverse events, the great majority of Croats and other former
> Yugoslavs, knew the benefits of a peaceful, reasonably just, state
> order. Even ones who hate Greater Serb atrocities, might be responsive
> to questions about which way Croatia is now going.

	I used to work in a plant that was FULL of Croats (and _one_ VERY
quiet Srb.. :) Being a communist, most of them were careful around me --
some were even hostile (a story in itself).  However, seeing that I was
basically a decent guy went a long way to ameliorating the political
problem.  Some even liked to talk politics to me, probably wanting to get
the `communist' POV.

	However, not ONE would I characterize as progressive.  Most Croats
I know may not be fascistic so much as nationalistic.  They're not
particularly sophisticated people -- I don't think too many intellectuals
or politicos emigrated to Canada.  I'd have to make an effort to find any.

	An aside:  Once, the subject of Nikola Tesla came up, and these
Croats were proud to hear how famous this Srb inventor was in the world (I
suppose their provincial educations hadn't brought this home, or they
didn't believe it).  It only goes to show that the entity of Jugoslavija
had a lasting effect on their `psyches'...

> I am not suggesting you do all this by yourself Jim, but you asked for
> ideas. I was partly trying to respond for its own sake, and also trying to
> illustrate, that if we pursue the subject we can identify a broadly
> coherent collection of policies that would be better from a marxist
> point of view for the former Yugoslavia. We neither have to tail behind
> our own bourgoisie nor do nothing at all.

	Your ideas are exactly the concrete type of concepts needed on
this list.  Eventually we MUST develop a world-wide policy alternative to
the bankrupt bourgeois joke which stumbles along by default...

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