Homophobia in "Marxism Digest"

DgPiranha at aol.com DgPiranha at aol.com
Wed Aug 23 13:34:02 MDT 1995

Dear Comrades;

Thank you for your letters of support and encouragement to stay with the
"Digest."  I didn't plan to unsubscribe -- just respond.

I know homophobia has been historically prevalent in the Marxist movement.
 Engels referred to homosexuals as "those people."  The Stalinists (and
neo-Stalinists), even today, see homosexuality as a "disease."  It must be
the goal of revolutionary Marxists -- Trotskyists -- to link the struggle for
lesbian/gay liberation with the struggles of the working class.

As such, while greatly upset by Dumain's sterile commentary, I can laugh at
it too.  Can you see him out on the barricades alongside the workers?  I
certainly cannot.

Thanks Again;

Doug Piranha

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