First price of sublime marxism competition

Jukka Laari jlaari at
Wed Aug 23 17:53:09 MDT 1995

            The First and the Last


 for The Most Avantgardist & PostPostModernist,
         and Especially Revolutionary
        Poetic Effort of the Summer '95
                   goes to

                Hinrich Kuhls

                for his poem

 "The Aesthetics and Politics of Ralph Dumain"

Jury's decision:

Despite of the fact, that we believe it's highly questionable to use the
name of living person in the name of peace of art, we think that H. Kuhls
has demonstrated the power of creative class-conscious spirit by
presenting in politically, and, especially, in poetically correct form
the powerlessness of the modern subject in front of post-industrial,
post-modern, post-mortem, post-liberal, post-punk, post-capitalist, and
post-intelligent Global Media Society.

The poet has found an extremely interesting and libidinally up-lifting
way (terrific magical formula, indeed!) to combine classic artistic
'wake up, it's time to die' logic of Ancient Greece Tragedy to
pre-avantgardist and post-surrealist formal experimentations.

Besides, H. Kuhls has - despite of some lack of attention on rhytmic
intensities and combinations, as well as on sonorious and polyphonic
structures of poetic fluctuations - excellently transcribed the
existentially labile affectual ambiguities of neo-modern consumer (in
markets of processed food and used cars) into aesthetically sublime jive
of traditionally structured agit-prop peaces of art, that miraculously
reminds us of early, proletarian, class-conscious, morally rigorous, and
victorious Soviet Art of November 12th, 1926.

Hail the Winner!

Julius Larius,

Society for Contemporary Revolutionary Arts of North-Western Asia,
General Secretary,
Northern Sector of the Union of the Gravediggers of Imaginary Europe

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