Ralph Dumain rdumain at igc.apc.org
Thu Aug 24 02:07:18 MDT 1995

Thanks to the query put up by Chris Burford, I decided to
interrupt my reading program to read the whole of C.L.R. James's
MODERN POLITICS, which I had sadly neglected.  The style and
phrasing is flawless.  The popular introduction to a Marxist view
of history, society, culture and philosophy hits the man in the
street where he lives.  James speaks of weighty matters, yet I
found myself laughing on every page.  Some of James's statements
were meant to be taken humorously and did evoke some laughter.  I
laughed the whole way through.  Why?  Never have I seen a human
being with such deft refinement and grace express such utter
contempt for the state of the world in which he lives.

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