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Thu Aug 24 05:56:08 MDT 1995

Gerry Healy's name has figured in despatches recently. Those on the list
might be interested to know of a book on him that appeared recently.

Whatever you think of the man, it is an interesting and fairly objective
account of his philosophical and political evolution: from his early days as
a teenage member of the Communist Party in the 1920s to a leader in the
Trotskyist movement.=20

The authors, Corinna Lotz and Paul Feldman, worked with Healy for many=

The 350+ page book, entitled 'Gerry Healy - a revolutionary life', is
published by Lupus Books, a small, left-wing house, at PO Box 942, London,
SW1V 2AR.=20

The price of the book is =A315 sterling.

ISBN 0 9523454 0 4

Gerry Gold

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