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Thu Aug 24 08:54:45 MDT 1995

	You'll get your examples of CP strike breaking as soon as I have
time to collect them and give you citations as well.  I love the "...
could have happened..." bit.  I guess my father just up and quit a union
factory job, that most of his relatives also worked, in order to become a
low-paid, non-union truck driver and work two other jobs on the side.  Yup,
that stuff I told you about COULD have happened... .The CPer's I've known
don't listen to workers.  You fit the mold.
	The post-war strike wave was primarily because of pissed-of vets.
who came back to an unstable job situation, a housing shortage, fat war
profiteers, an unwillingness to jump right back into the daily grind after
risking your life in war, etc... .  And the strike wave happened DESPITE
the CP collaboration with the bosses.
	Read my last post instead of distorting it according to CP S.O.P. .
The CP, due to its popular front, class collaborationist policies and
support for Stalinism, left itself open to Mcarthyite attacks and severly
undercut potential support among ordinary workers.  I never claimed it
initiated Mcarthyism or that its Stalinist policies were a justification
for Mcarthyism.  Next you'll be calling me a "social fascist" or maybe
ultra left, depending on what Gus Hall said today.
	How the CP fucked-up big-time once the Mcarthyite attacks started
is another discussion...
				-- Jeff Booth

On Wed, 23 Aug 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> Jeff,
> Can you give an instance of CP strike breaking? I doubt it. As to your
> fathers experience, I don't doubt it could have happened, but it is still
> not typical at all. The history is there. Take the strike wave after the
> war. Commuists helped lead and mobilze across the country. And they had to
> fight the Hillmans and the Murrays and many other brands of social dems etc
> for a unified strike strategy. Finally the Reuthers broke ranks and settled
> for private insurance and pension plans.
> McCarthyism was launched to get the left and the CP out of the labor
> movement and no amount of 'blame the victim' type contortions is going to
> justify what the ruling class did with McCarthyism. It is a real reach to
> say that the CP brought on McCarthyism. Course thats what the ruling class
> said also from a differnet point of view.
> Scott
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