On Homophobia

DgPiranha at aol.com DgPiranha at aol.com
Thu Aug 24 15:56:39 MDT 1995

Dear Comrade Lisa:

>Welcome to the list, comrade Piranha.

Thank you.

Like I've said to many others who have e-mailed me directly, I
appreciate the support I have received on this issue.  I plan to respond to
more things on the Digest as soon as I've finished with this topic.

>From what I've read of your material, I can see that you've fought
against sexism on this board for a while.  Apparently, you've also called
people out on issue of special oppression in the Digest.  Both my housemate
(FI Piranha) and I enjoy your writings and responses.

This is why I'm responding to you separately from MSTROM and Ralph Dumain.
 (In simpler language, I'm putting away my poison pen to respond to you.)

>At the risk of revealing my profound ignorance on this topic, may I >ask you
to assist my awareness, what exactly is it that you see as
>homophobic in such talk?

When I read his comments on the digeridoo, and the visit to the Doctor, I saw
him using sexual imagery as an insult and degrading comment.  Off the top of
my head, I would use the analogy of "You throw like a girl."  An insult
directly degrading an oppressed group by implying an inferior or, in the case
with Dumain, "perverted" trait.  I'll admit, to some people -- including
Dumain -- it may be too subtle to notice.  But, to gays and lesbians who
would read that, it would be as obvious as him calling us "faggots."

>I don't like the violence implied, myself, I
>prefer a literally vomitous imagery, when I use imagery of r/ejection
>regarding a person, post or position.  (It does seem to be less
>controversial than sexual or anal imagery, but that's not why I prefer

The "Gays Bash Back" slogan, first used by Queer Nation, was meant as a
confrontational response to a) the reactionary gay-bashers to wait lurking
around corners and in dark alley-ways looking to beat our heads in, and b)
the "established" lesbian/gay community which preferred to ignore the
attacks, or simply lobby Congress and state legislatures for hate-crime laws.

If you're a fan of Monty Python (like I am), you'll know where my sig,
"Doug Piranha," comes from.  I generally use sarcasm as my means of attack.
 I generally don't get "violent" very often, except when I feel a threat to
my life or personal security.  Such was the case with Dumain. Some might say
I am being overly sensitive.  But, when you've been attacked for your
sexuality eveywhere you go, you get a little "sensitive."

Thanks again for you response.

Doug Piranha

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