UN strikes back at Serbs

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Thu Aug 24 21:53:42 MDT 1995

After the defeat of Greater Serb Nationalism by Croatia, it has been
easier to unite with comrades who opposed intervention when the Serbs
were in the ascendant. Now that it is especially important to he*lp
people in Croatia who will try to resist the right wing, and perhaps
even fascist consolidation, people to people and working class
solidarity seems more relevant. We have been clarifying some
points of unity.

However there are still differences about intervention. Not to be
provocative, but in order to try to get down to what we are arguing about,
I have to say I welcomed yesterday's news story as below. I would have
preferred a crate load of arms handed over to the Bosnian government each
time a civilian is killed by Greater Serb Nationalists, but in the concrete
circumstances of whether the UN is going to resist such aggression or
not, I welcome the report, although I think the retaliation should
not be limited to reprisals for attacks on UN forces, but on any civilians.

I am sure some will disagree with me. If so could they say why?


(Guardian, London 23rd August)

"The UN Rapid Reaction Force hit back at the Serbs last night
after Serb mortar and rocket fire pounded Sarajevo, killing
six people and wounding at least 38.

Six shells from its 155-mm guns were fired at a Bosnian Serb mortar
position, the first time they had been used since they moved into
position on Mount Igman at the weekend, a UN spokesman said. The
Serb mortars, which had fired on a UN observation post, stopped

Two children and six Egyptian peacekeepers were among the wounded.
Bosnian officials described it as the worst shelling the city had
endured since the US launched a new peace initiative a fortnight ago.

Some analysts believe the Bosnian Serb rebels may soon try to deliver
a knock out blow to Sarajevo with a sustained attack, in a last effort
to win a military victory. If they agreed to US proposals they would
have to cede more than a quarter of the territory they now control.

Chris B, London.

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