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Dear Comrades:

Lately I've received some interesting responses to my critique of
homophobia in Marxism Digest.  While I understand that the Digest is an
unmoderated post, which takes in anything and everything sent to it, I guess
I see it as necessary to still raise objections to sentiments I find

Marcus Strom:

>I agree with comrade  Piranha regarding the post that Ralph >directed
towards me. However, I do not think he was consciously >being homophobic. (Is
there a difference you ask?).
>I find much of the scatologically oriented 'criticisms' of Ralph
>quite purile at times, but do try to look behind them to the
>political content of his posts - sometimes difficult, occasionally
>quite worthwhile.
>My response to ralph regarding the digeridoo was meant to confront
>his possibly  implicit homophobia - i'm not sure it was. I told him
>that I may actually enjoy it. I am now not sure if that was an
>appropriate response. But I think my light-hearted response, >combined with
this sort of brief debate is useful together in >confronting such attitudes
that abound  throughout society. >Homophobia has no place on this list - true
enough, but it has no >place any where at all. So the question is - it
exists, how do we >collectively fight it? How do we address it in this forum?
>I do NOT want to get bogged down in a politically correctness
>debate. One thing I find refreshing in Ralph's postings is his honesty >and
a junking of the polite aca-fuckin-demic (an australian unionist >term that i
have recently heard)  politeness. At the same time, I >have found sometimes
his writing offensive - and I am no shrinking >violet!

Doug Piranha:

MSTROM, I agree Ralph's comments are quite "purile."  I also find
them arrogant, simplistic, mechanical and quite juvenile.  While I can
appreciate his use of less high-brow language, I find it somewhat

I must admit, I would prefer he use "aca-fuckin-demic" language.  I
think it suits him better.  From what I can tell, he *belongs* with what
Lenin called the "Katheder Sozialisten," the university-Marxist.
Apparently, he cannot relate to the working class, as I will show below.

I didn't feel your comment on the digeridoo was homophobic.  I actually found
it quite hilarious myself -- but for different reasons.  I could see you were
trying to "confront his possibly implicit homophobia" and I commend you for
that.  It certainly worked.

You ask:  "How do we collectively fight it?  How do we address it in
this forum?"  We can address it here.  We can have a long discussion about
what is homophobia and how you can spot it and confront it.  It may very well
be necessary.  But, the *real way to fight homophobia is through struggle.*
 Common work in the class struggle, in the end, is the best way to concretely
fight homophobia among intellectuals and the working class.

I don't see it as a debate over "political correctness."  The struggle for
lesbian/gay liberation must be linked to the struggles of the working
class against capitalism.  A part of linking these struggles is the
conscious struggle against all forms of homophobia in the working class and
against all anti-working-class sentiment in the lesbian/gay

Now for some fun (I'm no "shrinking violet" either):

Ralph Dumain:

>And another thing.  I have been called a sexist, racist,
>anti-Semite, nationalist, and now a homophobe by the very same
>types whose leaded brains are incapable of paying attention to
>what they read.  This phony solemn display of outrage over my anal
>fixation (which could be the butt of innumerable humorous
>ripostes, and I do mean butt) is quite characteristic of certain
>sectarian Trotskyist cults whose members do nothing but hurl
>accusations of racism, sexism, and homophobia at one another all
>day long, and the barricades they man (or should I say 'person')
>will be all by themselves with a jar of vaseline in a ghost town
>somewhere, so much are they in touch with the masses.  Or is a
>certain someone jealous because I didn't volunteer to dijeridoo
>you too?

Doug Piranha:

I've been paying attention, Ralph.  That's why I called you out on your
homophobia.  If I wasn't paying attention, I would have wasted as much time
on you as I have.  You can add one more black mark to your little book:  you
are an anti-working-class snob.

In your ivory tower, it appears you only see workers when they come
and clean up after you.  My "leaded brain" at least keeps me on Earth and in
the real world, unlike your high-mind (air-head?) which keeps you and your
sterile arguments two above Cloud 9.

There was nothing "phony" about my outrage over your homophobia.  As a
working class gay man, it's a matter of life or death for me.  And while your
armchair knows no sexuality, capitalism does.

Your response to my confrontation is filled with even more explicit
homophobia.  I would never take it from you (and that can be read in
several different ways).  You say fighting homophobia is "quite
characteristic of certain sectarian Trotskyist cults."  If fighting
homophobia is the action of a "cult," then call me Jim Jones.

And those barricades we'll man will probably look small from the
window of that tall ivory tower in which you reside.  And I'm sure the
class struggle look like a "ghost town" too.  After all, not every worker has
access to your great wisdom.  And they aren't beating down your door to
demand you lead the Revolution, are they?

As for "a certain someone [being] jealous:"  Sorry, you're not my type.  I
prefer some a little less pompous and a little more capable of thought.

Doug Piranha

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