Paper on Financial Instability

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Fri Aug 25 00:14:58 MDT 1995

Apropos of recent discussions of Minsky's Financial Instability
Hypothesis on this list, I have posted a paper entitled "Financial
Instability: Minsky, Marx and Chaos" to the site
(it is accessible via ftp, gopher and www). There are two versions,
a text one (obviously without diagrams) and a postscript one (with
diagrams--plots of numerical simulations--and the generating
equations--including the base Goodwin equations).

It has been written for an edition of Economie et Societie (sp?)
entitled "Monnaie et Production", being edited by Alain Parguez;
I will leave it on the ftp site until such time as the paper is

For those who are interested in chaos theory, it has (if I do
say so myself!) a rather nice plot of Lorenz's weather-model
strange attractor, in "3D".

Steve Keen

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