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Fri Aug 25 11:21:16 MDT 1995

Lisa I have sent off a post on this topic but I think I made a mess of it
(new to all this) and so I thought I'd send you a personal note.

Ralph's remarks were deeply offensive to me as a gay man but I have put up
with that on the Left for more years than I care to admit.  Doug's has
the courage of the young and good luck to him.

The homophobia lies in thinking of the worst thing there is and it turns
out to be taking it up the ass or down the throat.  Watch John Wayne deal
with the reporter in his last movie The Shootist.  He sticks a gun down
the reporter's throat and then boots him up the ass.

Then think of Ralph's message it was of course operating within the same
straight macho discourse. Now I know Ralp might even be very angry at and
even hurt by the comparison but he should think about it. It's all
got to do with the politics of penetration as the feminists taught me.



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