Split Football Match

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Aug 25 19:53:03 MDT 1995


Many people in Italy ask for boycotting the soccer game Croatia-Italy
expected in October at Split

Chris B:

The important thing is the political basis of a boycott conveyed in
leaflets etc. It should not be anti-Croat any more than there
should be protests against Serbs as such but against Greater Serb

Croatia had the right to secede as a whole territory, and to
propose a confederation instead of a federation in the former
Yugoslavia. It had the right for its citizens not to be violently
displaced because they were not Serbs.

What is unjust and against the
building of class unity across nationalities is that the Croatian
leadership  allowed Serbs to be driven out of western Slavonia
when they retook it, and they launched a massive blitzkreig against Krajina
when Serbia proper had indicated they would not go to war, and the local
leadership were making major concessions in return for promises of
autonomy. Then they tolerated or perhaps even encouraged burning of
vacant Serb houses, and committed other atrocities including
almost certainly execution of prisoners.

It is worrying that there have been no more postings on yugo.antiwar
from the Croatian peace movement in recent days.

Specific demands about agreeing to monitoring by human rights activists
and positive programmes for Serbs to return to their property, would be
even better.

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