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The interests of the World Bank, and the member nations that control WB
policy, do not necessarily coincide with the interests of Shell or any
one transnational corporation. While World Bank policy favors the
interests of multinational capital there can also be areas of conflict
since Shell's interest is with their own bottom line whereas the WB's
interest is somewhat different. The structure of the WB itself does not
frequently allow for a ready answer to these conflicts since some
powerful interests essentially have veto power over WB policy. Thus, if
the WB wanted to get tough with Shell or a member nation, the Common
Market or  the US could, if they wished, prevent the WB from taking action.
Analogous issues arise when one considers IMF or UN policy.


On Fri, 25 Aug 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> But "there is need to protect that area" is a far cry from actually
> doing something, such as punishing Shell by keeping them out of other
> areas, refusing to fund projects Shell is involved with, or anything
> like that...
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> Curious: the World Bank opposing Shell...
> On Fri, 25 Aug 1995, Chris Burford wrote:
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> >  > The World Bank, after studying the Niger delta, has warned
> > that 'an urgent need exists to implement mechanisms to protect  >
> the life and health of the region's inhabitants and its
> > ecological systems from further deterioration'.
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