Paul Cockshott wpc at
Sat Aug 26 22:54:55 MDT 1995

determinant become the results. One has to, therefore, build a theory
that creates order from the chaos but doesn't ignore or oversimplify
complex relationships. This suggests to me that theory-building shouldn't
necessarily take the form of mathematical models where complex and
dialectical relations are involved.

You may well be right, but the question then becomes what
are the things to abstract from. Does it depend on intuition.
An alternative possibility, is that it may be very important
in constructing a dynamic model to use actual or historical
data to supply ones parameters. There is a vast space of
imaginary worlds corresponding to the free choice of parametes
in our models. It may turn out to be the case that the vast
majority of these freely chosen sets of parameters in some sense
do not work, and that there is something very special about the
ones that actually exist.

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