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> No, a whole variety of behaviours are possible, of which "strange"
> attractors are only one. The best known of these is Lorenz's
> (incredibly simple) system of 3 equations for (I think!) the
> x, y and z displacements of air:
> dx/dt = a*(y-x)
> dy/dt = (b-z)*x - y
> dz/dt = x*y -c*z

	While Lorenz had his first insights modelling weather, the famous
`Lorenz Attractor' is a model describing boiling/roiling water.  The story
of his discovery can be found in that `Chaos' book by Gleick.

	BTW: FRACTINT.EXE has come up on this list a few times.  I believe
the latest version is 19.2 and has a new and improved Zoom feature. It
(and many cool and groovy things) can be DL'd from the Fractint WWW Page
	<a href="">
	Fractint homepage</a>
	Anyone interested in playing with Chaos (why else would we be
marxists?) should keep this powerful -- and free -- tool on their

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