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Subject: Seminars idea?

One of the other l*sts I subscribe to -- the economists' Post Keynesian
Thought -- has a practice which might be worth emulating, if enough people
are interested.  Namely, every now and then they have a 'seminar': somebody
puts up a paper for discussion and the list members pitch in with comments
and criticisms over a period of a couple of weeks or so.  This doesn't
prevent people pursuing other threads during the period of the seminar, but
it does give a good focus.

On PKT the papers are orginal pieces by members of the list, but one could
also imagine people putting up articles or chapters by other writers, that
they found particularly worthy of discussion.

The seminar idea takes a certain amount of organization.  Somebody has to be
responsible for accepting the paper and making it available in a variety of
digital formats in a readily accessible location, so that most list members
have a reasonable chance of downloading a version they can print out or view
on screen.  I wouldn't mind doing that, if Jon could arrange suitable
permissions for me to put stuff in the marxism archive.

Any thoughts on this?  One reason I raise it is that although I find the
marxism list valuable, I also find it rather unfocussed at times -- but
perhaps people like the anarchic format (Marx's critique of Bakunin
notwithstanding)? ;^)

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