CLJ James and Workers Councils

Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Sat Aug 26 20:48:26 MDT 1995

>I'm rather new to CLRJames myself - can someone (Santiago?)
>point me to a good essay or book (section) specifically on
>worker's councils?

_I_ will try to help, Bryan, but first: are you looking for
something by _James_ on workers councils or by anybody?  Re James,
the first book I think of off the bat is FACING REALITY (1958),
which is available from Martin Glaberman in Detroit if your local
radical bookstore does not carry it, which it may not.

Also, Cornelius Castoriadis, formerly of the French group
Socialisme ou Barbarie, which was aligned with the James/Glaberman
Facing Reality group for a time, has produced work on this topic.
There is a old booklet by Castoriadis called WORKERS COUNCILS AND
some radical bookstores still have.  I would imagine that material
of this sort could be found in the three volumes of the POLITICAL
AND SOCIAL WRITINGS of Castoriadis published by the University of
Minnesota Press.

In the 1940s James's group, which was known as the Johnsonites or
the Johnson-Forest Tendency (later to be Correspondence and then
Facing Reality after the split with Dunayevskaya) studied
autonomous shopfloor organization.  The pamphlet THE AMERICAN
WORKER (1947) may still be available from Martin Glaberman.

I should have Marty's address lying around somewhere if you need
to contact him directly.  If I can be of further assistance please
let me know.

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