World Bank opposes Shell?

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Sun Aug 27 08:29:52 MDT 1995

From: "Bryan A. Alexander" <bnalexan at>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 18:10:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: TNC's 2 - Shell - Brit/Dutch

Curious: the World Bank opposing Shell...


Chris B:

Only if you are of an anarchist outlook as a matter of principle

Seriously though (not least because I think your posts on Yugoslavia
are pretty on the ball in their observations) - it is not quite that
the World Bank was opposing Shell but that it said something that
Ken Saro-Wiwa could quote.

There is a global civil society emerging and the World Bank cannot
ignore issues of pollution without losing credibility.

Actually Ben Fine (author of "Rereading Capital") says some of their more
recent reports have progressive aspects to them although the main position
is still neo-classical monetarist.

Actual defenestration of the governers of the World Bank
and IMF is not the essential point of global revolutionary struggle,
enjoyable though the thought experiment might be. (Unfortunately
they would probably just take early retirement).

It *is* an attainable goal ideologically to capture the World Bank and the
IMF from hard line neo-classical positions within 10 years. And it is

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