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Sun Aug 27 15:31:27 MDT 1995


Gee Louis how much of that lettuce did you eat. I'd stop it now, then maybe
you could respond to what was really said rather than with so much leafy
bull caca. You sure do bounce off the walls a lot - very helpful in figuring
things out. If you want to be the enfant terror - go ahead but quit
pretending to give a ring dang doddle what others think. Your bait and
switch act, "lets discuss things - chill out" followed by the "sarcastic
slamdunk" is silly. And sweet Jesus, please save us from the *reformed
sinner*. Self righteousness hath no fury like a repentant sinner.

>Many thanks to Paul Cockshott and Scott Marshall for their prompt
>private and public replies to my questions.
>I urge everybody on the list to take Scott's recruitment pitch seriously.
>Join the CPUSA, and you too will be able to explain after six months
>of basic training how Browder hijacked the CP during WWII under
>Stalin's watchful eye, and how the CP's no-strike pledge during WWII
>*only* applied to defense industries (steel, rail, auto, coal,
>shipbuilding, electrical, arms, aircraft, rubber, longshore, etc.--OK,
>milliners, hit the picket line.) Only two people are excused from
>joining the CP--Ralph Dumain and myself, who are both incorrigible.
>Paul Cockshott does admire the Shining Path from afar, but seems a
>little unsure of what they stand for. Well, that's OK, Paul, why not just
>fill us in on the origin and program of your own outfit over there in
>Scotland. What's it called? "Revenge of the Proletariat", or "Red Fists
>of Fury", or something like that.
>I would also like to throw down the challenge to any Trotskyist
>"vanguardists" out there on the list. Isn't Walter Daum, the publisher
>of "Angry Workers on Parade" or "Hammer and Sickle Forever"--the
>name escapes me--qualified to represent himself as the Trotsky of the
>modern era. His group has, as we in the SWP used to delicately put it,
>fewer than 10,000 members, but its IDEAS put it in the vanguard, I
>would suppose.
>What is the debate about exactly? Its not about something so sterile
>and unimportant as permanent revolution vs 2-stage theory, popular
>front vs united front, support or non-support for WWII, etc. The
>debate is about the psychopathology of groups of "Marxist-Leninists",
>Trotskyists, etc. numbering less than 1/10th of 1/10th of the
>population of a given country representing themselves as the vanguard
>of anything. This approach has led to dogmatism and sectarianism and
>is an obstacle to the building of a genuine revolutionary party.
>Maybe Scott Marshall, Paul Cockshott and Walter Daum should
>caucus together and defend the methodology they share in common.
>We all know how well pro-Moscow, pro-Peking and Trotskyist
>vanguard parties have collaborated in the past.
>Sometime next weekend I will submit the first installment of my
>critique of the type of "Marxism-Leninism" represented by comrades
>Marshall, Cockshott and Daum. Prepare yourselves.
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