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Sun Aug 27 15:36:52 MDT 1995

Jon wrote:

> And for any who want, I can be the old gaffer who says "well, you should
> have been there in the home game against Bolton Wanderers, 1932.  It was
> when the team that later became great, winning the 34, 35 and 36 FA cups
> began to show their promise.  Louis and Ralph as strikers, Jerry and Jim
> in midfield, Steve and Paul flankers on opposite wings, Chris' capable
> hands in goal...  I tell you, m'boy, though the rain was coming down in
> sheets, those were the days..."
I think there should be at least one woman on our starting team. Lisa,
for instance, would make an excellent starter at any position on the field.
I look forward to the day when our starting team will have a more equal
representation of women Marxists. Maybe then, we'll win more games.


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