Marxism and the Militias: The Right the Far Right and the

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I was horrifed to read the report of Cockburn's comments on the
militias.  However I think Alan's post took care of that.  Doug's remark
though that their politics are petit bourgeois does hold the key.
Critical of finance and big business.  He forgot to add, and this is
crucial, also full of hatred of the working class.  Again it is vital to
see the petit bourgeois as a class trapped between Labour and Capital.
In their radical form they are full of envy and spite towrads Capital but
they often vent this physically on the working class and are all too
anxious as Hilter showed to come in from the cold and bash the workers at the behest of Capital.

The danger is when the Left, as in Cockburn's case, mistake the hatred and
anger that the radical middle class feel for Capital as indicating that
they are  candidates for some kind of anti-systemic alliance.  Recently
here in Australia our leading far right intellectual, Francoite and
general spawn of Satan, B.A. Sanatamaria, has been writing a series of
articles in the Murdoch Press critical of finance capital.  Not a few
leftists have interpreted this as Sanatamaria moving to the Left.

My own feelings are that in this period when the Left have become more or
less, in Bhaskar's terms, an Absence that the alliamce between the Right
and the Far Right that was forged in the Cold War is now beginning to

Here in Queensland (sic), last month, a young woman named Helen Demidenko
won several prestigious literary awards for her first book- " The Hand that signed the
Paper".  It was supposedly based on the war time experience of the
Ukrainians and explained their participation in the Holocaust in terms of their own
mistreatment by "Jewish Bolsheviks".

It has emerged however in recendt days that the author's real name is not
Demidenko but rather Darville.  She is not a Ukrainian but the daughter of English migrants.  A curious if trivial case of
literary fraud of course except that her actions and book have been the subject of attacks not from the Left but
the Right.  Australia's leading conservative thinkers have all put the
boot in.

Demidenko herself has interestingly enough ended up in the local Green
Party.  It now seems to becoming the resting place for the hysterical
petit bourgeoise.

What interests me in the afair and links it to the militias is my strong
impression that Demidenko-Darville was simply echoing or registering in
her fictions the feelings of many of the migrants from the former USSR
and whereas pre 1989 these would have been tolerated, they are now subject
to attack from the Conservatives. Once the right used to use the "Captive
nations" migrants has their shock troops against us in demos.  However
it is as if now that the Left has collapsed the Right are worried about the Far Right.

So what should the Left do when the Right clobber the Far Right?  It is
tempting for some to feel sorry for someone like Demidenko.  But I feel that
far from seeking allies among the Far Right we should cheer the Right on while pointing out their hypocrisy for turning on
their fomer allies.

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