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Mon Aug 28 11:03:15 MDT 1995

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Louis:
> I am attacking the concept of "vanguardism", not anybody's particular
> interpretation of world politics. On some issues I may agree with Paul
> Cockshott, Scott Marshall or youself, but one thing I am in disagreement
> with all of you on is your interpretation of democratic centralism,
> Bolshevism or Marxism-Leninism--whatever you want to call it. This is not
> a debate about program, it is a debate about how to build a revolutionary
> party. Specifically, over the next period I will be explicating "What is
> to be Done" and laying waste to the misinterpretations that Daum,
> Cockshott and Marshall have brought to it.

Louis, whose arrogance knows no bounds, is surely miscast as a computer
programmer at Columbia U. While awaiting the "laying to waste" of his
intellectual opponents, I dream of Louis as a manager and/or promoter of
professional wrestling matches. I and my 6 and 8-year old boys would
simply be enthralled at Louis on the tube as he psyches the crowd for
the big match. Hulk Hogan beware!

> It is my intention over the next few weeks to do a thorough critique of
> Moscow, Peking and Fourth Internationalist versions of latter-day
> Bolshevism. I don't think it's Bolshevism that you're doing at all, I
> think it has more in common with the Jehovah's Witnesses or the Moonies.
> We need a genuine revolutionary party in the United States and all of the
> ridiculous cults and sects that pose as revolutionary parties are
> obstacles to the real work that has to be done.

Ah yes, the shelves of all radical bookstores in the English-speaking
world await yet another pamphlet revealing the essence of true Bolshevism,
against all misunderstandings and betrayals. But, alas, maybe this
portends a new phase for Louis, who might finally pick his ass up off his
swivel chair, remove his lithe fingers from the keyboard and actually
build that Leninist party, that fighting instrument of revolution which
is the fulcrum of all his thoughts and dreams.

> What criteria do you use to measure success? You have certainly never
> "betrayed" any revolution like Nelson Mandela, Daniel Ortega, etc. But
> what exactly have you been doing for the last twenty years. You will be
> called upon to defend your own methodology, you own way of building a
> revolutionary party, as will Scott Marshall and Paul Cockshott.

Yes, yes, the Day of Judgement is coming. Make straight the paths for the
coming of God. The kingdom is nigh!

Rob "Do ya, Do ya Wanna Dance" Frantz

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