Follow-up to Marshall and Cockshott

Scott Marshall Scott at
Mon Aug 28 12:29:33 MDT 1995


>I think what bothers you, Scott, is that you sense I'm close to you
>politically on the immediate issues (affirmative action, immigration, the
>unions, etc.) but don't want to buy into the 75 years of excess ideological
>baggage you're carrying with you.


No Louis what bothers me is your arrogance. I like most people on this list
like common ground. I find it much more interesting to find out where I
agree with people rather than to rehash past debates that won't be resolved
here anyway. I could give a purple grape what you think about our past. I
don't think you understand it, but so what? Instead of blasting what you
have already decided our differences are, why don't you just go ahead and
present your positive ideas about what you think bolshevism really should be
and lets discuss that.

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