On "Zimmerwald, WWII and the UN"

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Mon Aug 28 12:09:26 MDT 1995


If I could remember who you are I would respond in kind, I'm not being
funny, I really don't remember you.

As to your assertions. If you are really interested in CP history then you
should spend some time in the reference center, not copying whole chapters
out of old trot histories. I never said that we did not support the no
strike pledge. That is a far cry from strike breaking. You have presented no
evidence of strike breaking. Strike breaking is crossing picketlines.
Calling on workers not to strike is something different. Are honest workers
who oppose a particular strike in a union meeting strike breakers - of
course not, wrong maybe but not strike breakers. We're we strike breakers
too when we opposed racist strikes in the south to prevent Black workers
from getting jobs and promotions - I think not. Is it possible for honest
communists to believe that the war effort against fascism was of a higher
working class interest than wages and working conditions on a temporary
basis. I think so. Did Lenin and Trotsky support all strikes under every
condition? Kronstadt. Nor should we.

That we opposed strikes after the war is a lie, we led most of them. BTW
which strikes did your group lead, or any trotskyite for that matter?

Browder did'nt hijaak the party and I never claimed he did, that is your and
Louis' deliberate misinterpretation of what I said. I said that there was
always a struggle against Browderism during that period. Even a casual
readign of the Daily Worker and The Communist from those days bears that
out. Resistance to Browder *did* not begin with the DeClos letter. And the
CPA lasted a few months. The CP membership, not stalin, not the CPSU,
restored the party and dumped Browder, again any familiarity with the CP
literature of that time would show you that.

But let me put you on the spot a little. Since you hold up the banner of
trotshyite militance. Which trot group led strikes during the war? Where did
they lead fights? Besides agitating against the war what did they do? Show
us and tell us about what your brand of revolutionary fighters did during
the war? Funny, neither you or Louis talk about that.


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