What is to be Done?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Mon Aug 28 12:50:10 MDT 1995


I have decided not to post to the list until everybody's blood-pressure
has had a chance to lower a little bit. When I post again, it will be
with an discussion of "What is to Be Done" *in context*.

Just to give you a little flavor of the sort of thing I'm looking into,
this is from Lenin's article "Our Immediate Task" published in "Rabochaya
Gazeta" in the first half of 1899:

"Because of this amateurishness the comrades' varying views on
theoretical and practical problems are not openly discussed in a central
newspaper, they do not serve the purpose of elaborating a common
programme and devising common tactics for the Party, they are lost in
narrow study-circle life or they lead to the inordinate exaggeration of
local and chance peculiarities."

Think about Lenin is saying here and think about the function of our
"vanguardist" newspapers today....

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