Marxism and the Militias: The Right the Far Right and the Demidenko

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Mon Aug 28 15:10:39 MDT 1995

>From Matt D

>.  The few folks in my office
>who express sympathy for the militias are working class, I can assure you.
>For that matter, they're pro-union.  What I'm suggesting, I guess, is that
>while the militias themselves must be radically transformed or destroyed,
>folks that are in the militias are not necessarily beyond the pale when it
>comes to organizing on the left.

Matt, you may be able to organize with them "on the left." But do you think
Reed, an African-American, is paranoid when he thinks that only incipient
fascists would be attracted to the Militia or Rush Limbaugh, that the
choice to join the Militia already indicates a decision to find a way out
of crisis at the expense of the femi-nazis, spics, Ahrabs, Zionists and of
course niggers?  One can avoid some of this vermin in unions too.  Do you
think Reed is just trying to be politically correct?

Of course I would like to express my sympathy with Tim, Doug and Gregor on
this issue.  I hope it gets debated out to its bitter end.


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