Dialectics and complexity -Reply

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Mon Aug 28 16:14:57 MDT 1995

I wrote:

> [snip] Risk and uncertainty, inherent properties associated with
> market activities, are an essential part of the logic of capitalism.
> [snip]

To which Lisa responded:

> Biologists and anthropologists do model risk and uncertainty,
> especially in terms of foraging returns, for both humans and other
> aninmals.
To begin with, risk and uncertainty have a different meaning for other
species than humans. For other species, risk and uncertainty come (for
the most part) from  the natural world and their relationship with
different species. For  humans, increased risk and uncertainty *also*
(and fundamentally)arise because of social  organization. Also, the
social character and meaning of risk and  uncertainty changes
historically. Thus, the meaning of risk and  uncertainty under capitalism
for people is very different from its  meaning for other species or
humans in pre-capitalist modes of production.


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