Otto - starvation in world?

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Aug 29 00:36:41 MDT 1995


Whether you are really a "political light weight" or just excessively
pleasant and apologetic when people are offended, the issue you
mentioned below, got overlooked.

At least 85% of world trade in wheat is controlled by only six

Even if you do not come from Senegal (my first speculation
from your address) but merely from Sweden, it helps to have
contributions to spread the balance beyond the US, provided they
are considered, and hopefully related to marxism in some way.

It is an important issue, and I hope when you do post, you could do
a summary piece on how far this is being taken by campaigning
organisations, charities etc, or just where you are at. Why does the
present world order mean that people have to starve?

On 22nd August Otto wrote

 What I do now, while temporarily fed, is help making this whole issue
irrelevant by trying to find a world order in which nobody has to starve.
Sadly, I have my doubts even about the theoretical possibility for this.

Chris B. London

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